Tasting Menù in the dark €50
First course
Second dish

Wine Route €20

Tradition tasting menu €60
Tagliatelle with meat sauce (our version)
Ravioli with butter, thyme, fondue of Parmesan cheese and pear mustard
Rabbit "cacciatora" styles
Apple mousse, caramel and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena e.o.

Wine route €30

Tasting menu 591 €85
Luciana-style octopus and squacquerone di Romagna cheese
Capon buttons, oyster sauce and arugula
Linguine in reef extract, ragout of gurnard alla puttanesca and buffalo mozzarella drippings
Mullet, foie gras and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena extra old
Snails, parsley and sweet garlic
Caprese with lemon, strawberry namelaka and red fruits

Wine route €45

“We kindly ask you to communicate any food intolerances and allergies. Some dishes may contain allergens so please ask the room staff for specifications and the complete allergens chart”