Four courses traditional tasting menu €55
Tagliatelle with meat sauce (our version)
Ravioli with butter, thyme, fondue of Parmesan cheese and pear mustard
Black pig belly, lentils and beer jus
Chestnut creamy, persimmon and cocoa and black truffle ground

Wine route €20

Seven courses tasting menu €75
Raw trout in a chestnut soup
Gragnano fusilloni in genovese style
Mixed pasta, beans and shrimps
Salted cod with Sorrento lemon jam
Coal cooked boar, Lambrusco reduction, black blueberry and celeriac
Our idea of pastiera

Wine route €30

“We kindly ask you to communicate any food intolerances and allergies. Some dishes may contain allergens so please ask the room staff for specifications and the complete allergens chart”